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What is the AQF?

The AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) is a unified system of national qualifications in schools, vocational education and training and universities.  The Framework links together qualifications from Secondary School through to post graduate study.  AQF is a quality-assured national system of educational recognition promoting lifelong learning and a seamless transition between elements of Australia’s diverse education and training system.

Competencies can be achieved through training, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment, or a combination of these.

Attaining a qualification by training
See accredited training.

Attaining a qualification by assessment
The Bayley team can assess you for your existing competencies in a range of qualifications including Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificates II to IV in a range of subject areas.

To make this really plain, you do not always need to complete a training course in order to obtain a qualification.  If you have built the necessary skills and knowledge through your previous work and life experience, you may already qualify for the award of a nationally recognised qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework! A competency assessment is the process where a qualified competency assessor will evaluate the skills and knowledge that you already possess to determine whether you already meet the requirements for a qualification. If you have gaps in your knowledge and skills, these can be filled by training programs or workplace tasks to cover the gaps.

Competency assessment (recognition of prior learning) is perfect for people with existing experience or similar qualifications that meet the standards for a unit of competency. We'll provide you with a Candidate’s Toolkit and/or an Evidence Guide to help you prepare the evidence you will need to demonstrate your skills.  For some people this may involve collecting workplace documents, but if your documents are not easily to hand, don't worry.  Our assessment process provides many alternative ways to show your competence that don't rely exclusively on the traditional portfolio of documents.

Our assessment process saves experienced people time, frustration and money.  Recognition of your current competencies respects what you have already learned, and makes it easy for you to identify any areas that might benefit from a little brushing up.  Why undertake training if you are already competent?

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